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Venuum was born to revolutionize the world of high-end preparations. Its target target is the super-luxury sector. We have a great design team and bodybuilders willing to make dreams come true. At Venuum the philosophy will be to create exclusive and limited units for our future clients, opting for few custom-built and more personalized units. Welcome to the new age.

We build and design concept cars, models that never hit the streets or rarely seen prototypes. Venuum wants to go beyond performance and get closer to a new era of Conceptual Prototyping.

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Our flagship Prototype

Aston VM-78XX

A prototype created to show how far we can go. This idea arose with the aim of seeing if we could create Concept supercars, in this project the base of the DB9 Volante was used. We have a sports car with spectacular performance and a renewed bodywork that inspires a Super Concept car.

The Project & Our Engineers

A great project requires a great team. Qualified people who work hard, to give shape to each dream. In order to make sure that the idea is feasible and can be realized, our engineers work on the design aspect together with the 3D staff and the modellers. After a meticulous joint assessment, the project can now be launched.

Our Bodywork Team

Once the project was approved by our engineers, putting it into operation required having a great team of bodybuilders.

Our Designers

We have a team of young but talented designers who work together to create the best prototypes.

  • Quick designs
  • High quality and realism
  • Custom prototypes
  • Exclusive units

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Contact Info

  • Phone: +00971501372379

    Only whatsapp for Europe (+0034644551091)

  • Email: info@venuum.es
  • Location: 1st Place Madrid

    2nd Place Dubai Investment Park 2 Build 20 Warehouse 5-6-7

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  • Opening Hours: Mon – Sunday: 07:00 am to 09:00 pm