About Us

Who We ARE


Venuum was born to revolutionize the world of high-end preparations. Its target target is the super-luxury sector. We have a great design team and bodybuilders willing to make dreams come true. At Venuum the philosophy will be to create exclusive and limited units for our future clients, opting for few custom-built and more personalized units. Welcome to the new age.

We build and design concept cars, models that never hit the streets or rarely seen prototypes. Venuum wants to go beyond performance and get closer to a new era of Conceptual Prototyping.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop high-end car designs, beyond what is human and what has already been seen.

Our Vision

Develop more than unique and futuristic car projects Fabricate those dreams that previously seemed impossible

Our Values

Innovation in the development of designs and manufacture of conceptual bodykits. Boldness in reaching out our preparations.

Our Designers

We have a team of young but talented designers who work together to create the best prototypes.

  • Quick designs
  • High quality and realism
  • Custom prototypes
  • Exclusive units