Our Factory

We carry out all the processes internally. From the design of each prototype, to its commissioning. Our goal is to develop unique pieces. We have headquarters in Europe in Madrid and currently opening a new factory with European staff to cover the Middle East area.

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Vision of Venuum

Venuum’s vision is very clear, the goal is to create limited concepts and designs. We understand that what a client who comes to us is looking for is to have something different, something tailor-made for him. We understand your emotions, your passion and we know that this decision is very important and that we have to reach that goal. For this we will make a series of limited versions, we want our product to be super exclusive and only for those who love the special. If so, Venuum is your place.

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Design Process

We are pleased to say that there are 4 designers in our team, who work together every day to achieve the dreams of many people. Each one of them brings their idea and a mix of all of them is made, the result is spectacular.

3D bodyparts

Once the idea is clear, the design process of the parts begins, the objective is to create the first renders of the project, and have a clearer perspective of the new prototype.

The first Renders

The first renders come out, our design looks very good, we value all the equipment before moving it to production. It is definitely a good project, it has the approval of the whole group. Now all that remains is to make it.


Higher cutting speeds, faster drilling, better surface finish & reduced labour.

Are incredibly versatile manufacturing centres that benefit from employing up to five different axes simultaneously. Three linear axes and two rotational. Their capabilities are significantly more diverse than typical 3-axis CNC machines.

5-axis machines can be configured in such a way as to eliminate multiple setups and can thus reduce the need for constant supervision, increasing efficiency and achieving single-setup machining or “Done-In-One”.

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When we receive the parts already manufactured by the production team, they are tested to see if everything fits correctly, then the bodykit will be assembled.

Ready for paint

Before the painting process, it is supervised by several technicians. With their approval, the car is prepared for painting, where one of our best painters will give it the finish it deserves.

Certification & Homologation

After painting the car, measures are taken to carry out the homologation project.

The Final Day

Before and after. It’s a big word that we understand very well, the moment you give us your membership, those passionate customers who are eagerly waiting for their dream to come true. In his day we were clients, and we understand that it is a great decision and a very great illusion, for which, we put all the maximum effort to make this happen, in the end this day came.

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We use carbon fiber as an essential component in each of our preparations.

Designing the Wheels STEP 1

We have a design team for Venuum forged wheels. We strongly believe that each of the prototypes we create has to go well with one of our unique sets.

We make our Models STEP 2

Wheels is developed to be as lightweight as possible but with maximum resistance and FEA-tested to the load rating required for safe operation of the specific vehicle for which the wheel is being built.

Start to Produce STEP 3

The entire engineering and manufacturing process is carried out with the official parameters for the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system and KBA (Federal Motor Transport Authority), certified by TÜV Thuringen and TÜV Rheinland that allow to comply all the necessary parameters and quality standards to be able to do all the European homologations.

Cnc Milling STEP 4

We only use the best materials of the highest quality for the manufacture of our forged wheels.

The forged aluminum used for the manufacture is of aerospace-grade 6061 with T6 quality

tempering treatment, to give more hardness to the surface of the material.

The material is forged at more than 500 degrees of temperature with hydraulic presses at a

pressure of 12.000 tons.

Final cnc STEP 5

Small excess material is removed to center the wheel after all the turning, milling and drilling processes to remove the deformations that are created throughout the manufacturing process. The wheel is turned to eliminate all the deformations produced in all the previous machining steps. In this way, the oval and rolling that the wheel may have is eliminated with a precision of 0.25 milimeters. Thanks to all this, apart from eliminating oval and balancing, one of the most obvious things when compared with most forged wheels on the market, even those of the most prestigious brands and supercar manufacturers, is that our forged wheels practically do not need counterweights for balancing

Making the caps of Venuum STEP 6

It is time to manufacture the caps of the tires, engraving the logo and marking the tires and caps with their limited series numbering of each version of the vehicle.

Quality Control  STEP 7

Once the entire process is complete, each wheel is rigorously inspected to verify that it meets all of the above quality and precision parameters. Our quality control is carried out, as in the entire manufacturing process, with the highest technology.

In the car STEP 8

finally the set of wheels reaches the hands of the customer. Good tires with a spectacular design is more than 60% of a good preparation. It all starts right there.